Sunday, January 21, 2007

Fantastic Butterflies by James Kochalka

Fantastic Butterflies takes place in a world that seems normal at first, until you see a time machine in the middle of the street. There are quite a few stories going on during the book. One story is about James, another story about Amy and Josh, another story about New Guy, and yet another about a friend of James and Amy who has cancer. Towards the end of the book, a bunch of them are out dancing and encounter a "cancer robot" who is so mean that Amy and Josh decide to beat him up... and then invite him to dance with them. The whole book leads up to James Kochalka's philosophy that life is generally silly and even though it gives you bad stuff sometimes, it also gives you happiness. And Jason X-12, who is depressed throughout the book, should just learn that life is meant to be crazy so he should start being crazy along with it. This book is truly good and I think that the philosophy is one of the most truthful philosophies I’ve heard. I think everyone reading this should quit spending all day online reading reviews when you could be reading this book!


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