Sunday, June 24, 2007

MoCCA, Gmail, etc.

OK so today I went to MoCCA and it was AWESOME. I got a bunch of new comics to review so that's good. I FINALLY made a Gmail account because blogger wouldn't let me post otherwise. And... IT'S SUMMER! Summer=more reading, more posting, etc. so that's good too. You can expect a bunch of posting this summer.

Reasons Why MoCCA was Awesome:

-I met all these awesome people (including Jeffrey Brown, Alec Longstreth, Charlito from ISR, and more)
-Lotsa comics
-Lotsa free stuff
-Lotsa awesomeness in general



Blogger Mister Phil said...

Yo Greta Garbinski,

It was super cool meeting you and your bro at MoCCA.

I still think your awesome...even if you you did kick my butt at arm wrestling.

Can't wait to see your reviews this summer.

Talk soon smelly douchebags!


6:12 PM  

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