Saturday, November 18, 2006

American Born Chinese by Gene Luen Yang

Ok so I'm gonna start off by saying to go out and buy this book RIGHT NOW. You don't even have to read a review to know it's awesome. So when you get back, I'll give you a review.

OK good.

American Born Chinese is 3 stories that intertwine in the craziest ways. One of the stories is about a Chinese-American boy named Jin Wang who just wants to fit in in a new town where he has very few friends. The next story is about the Monkey King (from an old Chinese fable) who is king of the monkeys but wants to be a god. The last story it about an American boy named Danny, who is a regular kid with a lot of friends. But every year, his cousin Chin-Kee comes to visit and ruins his life. Chin-Kee is the worst possible Chinese stereotype. Every year, after Chin-Kee comes to visit, Danny switches to a new school to run away from the embarrassment. If I told you anymore about each of these stories it might give away the insane way that they intertwine. This book is funny, clever, and actually teaches some Chinese culture. If you don't read this you would be missing out. Seriously, I mean you're already holding the book in your hands. You did go out and buy it when I told you to, didn't you? Good, then read it. It's amazing.