Tuesday, June 13, 2006

BumperBoy Loses His Marbles! by Debbie Huey

BumperBoy Loses His Marbles! By Debbie Huey

BumperBoy Loses His Marbles is about BumperBoy who loses his marbles right before the marbles tournament and must find them in time. He finds out that his arch nemesis, Frederik, had purposely made him lose the marbles and has stolen his Grandma's shooter (which BumperBoy was counting on to help him win!) At the beginning of the book, Frederik trips BumperBoy which makes all of his marbles roll into a "borp hole" which is a tunnel to many different places. BumperBoy and his dog, BumperPup, must go through the borp hole and try to find all his marbles in time for the tournament, and then win back his Grandma's shooter from Frederik! With Alison Cole-like drawings and a funny and cute plot, BumperBoy Loses HIs Marbles is an awesome book which is worth giving a read.


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