Sunday, April 30, 2006

Brian Cronin

Check out Brian Cronin's site for my latest review of Guts and Ralph.

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Here are some pictures from the Rocketship party yesterday!

Girl Stories by Lauren R. Weinstein

Girl Stories by Lauren R. Weinstein

This is a book about a girl in eighth grade who still plays with barbies and wants popular friends. The book shows her dealing with guy problems, friend problems, and other stuff, like getting her belly button pierced. I loved this book a lot because I can relate to some of that stuff, like when I went through a Polly Pockets phase in the fifth grade. Also, this book is like reading Lauren's journal and I like being nosy and looking through other people's lives. Anyway, if you like personal books with cool art and writing, then definately buy this book. Plus, I got it signed by THE LAUREN WEINSTEIN and she was really awesome. Read it.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Greta Year 1

In order to celebrate my 1 year anniversary, I've decided to make a video post. Wait 20 seconds for it to load.

Video Blog Post

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Opposable Thumbs by Dean Haspiel

Opposable Thumbs by Dino a.k.a. Dean Haspiel

This book is made up of short comics about Dean's life: Proud Flesh, Sh**-F**k-P*ss Karate!, Chasing Soho, Burnt Umber, Minding Millie, and Rubulad. He tells the reader about growing up, being addicted to crack, looking for a place to live, making art, death, roomates, getting naked, and much more. What I most learned from this book that I never knew before about Dean, is that he's been in pain for so much of his life. I will never look at him the same way again.


Friday, April 14, 2006

Her Beauty Touches Everything, Have Faith, To My Sweetheart

Her Beauty Touches Everything
Have Faith
To my Sweetheart

(All books by Louis XXX)

The pages are filled with beautiful poetry, line after line about how much he loves his girlfriend. "I like everything better when it's reflected in her eyes" he says. There aren't many drawings, but there are prints of pieces of paper with his own handwriting against a colorful design of his own making. These books are really great and fast to read. They don't have a plot but they don't need one. I hope you guys get a chance to read these books...they're really hard to track down, but they can be bought at Blue Tree, 1283 Madison Avenue.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

The Power Pack and The Amazing Spider-Man

Boy 1: "Your body belongs to you, and you have a right to decide how and when any one touches you!"
Boy 2: "If somebody tries to touch you in ways that don't feel good or seem right, SAY NO!"
Girl 1: "Yeah, and be sure to tell somebody too!"
Girl 2: "And don't forget, if the first person you tell doesn't believe you, keep telling until you find someone who does!"
Spiderman: "And remember, if this happens, it's not your fault! Just come to me and we can cuddle!"


Actually, I added in that last sentence that Spiderman says.

I thought that this was kind of funny when I first saw it. © 1984 Marvel Comics Group

Hey Guys!


Monday, April 03, 2006

Every Girl Is The End Of The World For Me


Every Girl Is The End Of The World For Me by Jeffery Brown

I just finished reading this book and though I don't know much of his work I think it was excellent. I have read some of his book with James Kochalka called "Conversation", and I thought that was only decent in comparison. But I especially loved EGITEOTWFM because it showed his relationships with many different girls and at the beginning he has a "Guide to Girls" that shows and explains who all of the girls in the book are. I also liked how instead of having chapters he wrote a date (for instance, Tuesday, December 30) and then would continue with what happened on that day. I liked the epilogue because it showed 1 year later from the rest of the book. The one thing that I didn't like was the abrupt ending because it shows that he didn't change at all throuhout the course of the book, but on the other hand that was a good thing because it didn't have a "happy ending" like other books. Overall, it was a really fantastic book.