Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Brian Cronin wrote a blog post about my site a while back which I just discovered. First of all, thank you for your praise, Brian. Second of all, here is what he said:

These Reviews Are Good - Greta's Book Reviews
Alex (proprietor of Rocketship, which, as I mentioned awhile back, you should be sure to check out if you're in the Brooklyn area) pointed out this cool blog, and I think it is worth passing it on to you folks.

Greta's Book Reviews contains very articulate, to the point, reviews of a variety of comic books by an young woman who happens to shop at Alex's store, demonstrating that there ARE some smart adolescent readers out there.

Well worth giving a read!

Here was a comment from a (h)anus man:

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't call those reviews articulate. I had to stop reading them because of the writing.

Here is my reply that I wish I posted on Brian’s site. Enjoy!

Dear Anonymous,
I am the author of those reviews and though I'm not "articulate" enough for you, I'm pretty damn articulate for an eleven year old. And besides, your a smelly douche bag!
Much Love,
Your Eleven Year Old Assasin

P.S. I might kill you tonight.
P.P.S. Since you seem to like people to go into depth about things, let me be more ARTICULATE! I will go to your house. I will then TAKE OUT A SAMURAI SWORD. I will then SLAUGHTER you. I will then leave taking all evidence of the murder with me. Thank you for taking the time to read my ARTICULATE comment.

Now, here's what I did post:

Dear Anonymous,
I am the author of those reviews and I'm sorry if I'm not articulate enough for you but I'm eleven years old! Give me a break! But I am really writing to tell you that you could have been more ARTICULATE (ever hear of that word before?) in your comment by telling me how I was inarticulate. Well, it doesn't matter because you're probably just some 60 year old man who doesn't have anything better to do with your life than post comments on blogs and imdb.

Much Love,