Monday, August 15, 2005

Pinky and Stinky


Here's my review:

Pinky and Stinky by James Kochalka

Here's the story. I was at Rocket Ship, an awesome comic book store in Brooklyn, and I was looking for a good book to read. Since I'm already a huge fan of James Kochalka, I decided to read Pinky and Stinky. It's about these two pigs: Pinky and Stinky. Pinky is sort of the smart one, and Stinky is sort of the dumb one. They are on a mission in space to go to Pluto, but they land on the moon by accident. They encounter a mean human astronaut, the moon king, and the moon king's daughter, the princess who loves them both and calls them her "cuties". The moon king captures them and throws them in a hole, one thing leads to another, and they completely forget about their mission. It's great art and writing, and I loved this book. I hope you can read it and love it as much as I did.


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