Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Humor Can Be Funny! by Sam Henderson

Humor Can Be Funny! (Second Edition), by Sam Henderson

You know the Magic Whistle comics? Well, they are amazing, and this is a bunch of 'em compiled, from the mini-comics of 1990 through 1995. Some of the pages are just writing of ideas for comics, and some of the pages are little one-panels based on those ideas. For instance, in one there is a picture of a guy with a million eyes, and the people around him are trying to take his eyes because they have none, and the guy is saying "It's always 'gimme gimme gimme' with you people!". See, that's funny, and he doesn't need more than one panel to tell it. There are about a million of those. And then there are a couple of comics that are a couple pages long, like the one about Mr. Beeples the 3-inch-high pie-maker that sometimes has sex with rodents, and the little boy that follows Mr. Beeples around, begging for pies. You see, Sam Henderson and I have some things in common, like how we think stupid things are "funny because it's true". He wrote a page long comic of a guy describing in great detail his entire day BEFORE going to see a movie, when asked how the movie was by a friend. Ha ha ha! It's funny because we all know someone just like this!
Basically, this book is just hilarious and if you are like me and Mr. Henderson, and have a weird and twisted sense of humor, then you will enjoy keeping it by your bed and reading about asses in boxes, and monkeys on fire, and people getting stupid ideas from television. Go out and buy Humor Can Be Funny! or any Magic Whistle comics by Sam Henderson, because this man is just a walking Albert Einstein.